Bike Rack Smugness: Surly’s 24-Pack Rack Review

Front racks aren’t the most aero solution, but all the drag coefficient is offset by its smug superlativeness. All jokes aside, front racks are a convenient solution to carry loads of all shapes and sizes on your bike.

Front Rack Choice

The decision to attach a front rack to your bike is not to be taken lightly. After all, a front rack is pretty much a permanent structure. Why would you choose to run a front rack?

Mrs. Trouble was looking to add some carrying capacity to her Surly Ogre. We first thought about adding a frame bag, but that wouldn’t really add all the carrying capacity that she needed. She wants to be able to take small day packs to work or bike back from the grocery bringing a couple of grocery bags. A frame bag was out of the question. Next, we investigated adding a rear rack and a couple of panniers. Although panniers are convenient and can carry a wide variety of loads, it’s hard to fit odd-shaped objects in it, like a work backpack or yoga mat. Finally, we settled on a front rack.

Surly 24-Pack Rack

Surly has a couple of front rack offerings. The 8-Pack Rack and its big brother, the 24-Pack Rack. I’m not sure how much stuff you can fit on the 8-Pack size so we went with the larger 24-Pack. Mrs. Trouble likes how versatile it is and how she can just pretty much throw anything on top of it and bike away. Cinching down cargo to a front rack is not too complicated, any bungee or strap will do. She also likes that she doesn’t have to dismount the bike to reach for her belongings on the rack, which is a benefit over rear racks.

Based on past experience installing racks on bikes, one usually has to bend a few metal parts to make everything fit. But that was not the case with the 24-Pack Rack since Surly made this rack almost specifically to fit Surly forks, making the rack stays line up with fork eyelets – no bending, grunting or swearing needed. The rack’s perimeter is dotted with many threaded eyelets, which makes it easier to improvise attachment points for cargo netting or straps.

The rack is definitely a solid structure and once installed, there’s no play or movement detected. Mrs. Trouble actually had a small fall but the rack took most of the blow. I inspected the rack after the fall and no parts were bent and nothing had shifted out of place. The rack survived with minor blemishes on the surface.

SIZE15.5" (400 mm) X 10.5" (270 mm)

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